Your home’s curb appeal makes the first impression! Everyone – including potential homebuyers – will want to see what’s inside. Check out these simple curb appeal improvements that you can use to elevate your home this Halloween!

Ensure that your lawn is looking its best by spicing it up with a splash of color. As your summer plants start to fade, replace them with vibrant mums or other colorful fall flowers! As the days get shorter, it becomes increasingly important to provide potential homebuyers with a safe path to your front door. Use decorative lights to illuminate walkways, and install lanterns to brighten up entrance areas. Adding fun Halloween candles for decoration can help brighten porches and walkways!

Gates or a picket fence are screaming to be decorated. Boo signs, cobwebs, and just about anything that will hang are perfect for getting your home into the Halloween spirit! Including old or unused ceramic pots serve as great holders for pumpkins and other decor items. Pumpkins come in all kinds of shapes and colors and are great for adding some to your home’s curb appeal.

Your house will be the talk of the town, and prospective buyers will feel welcome! There is no better way to make your home stand out than by “tricking” out your home. These are stylish fall decorating tips that can be used during Halloween but will also work great as an outdoor display all the way from October to November!