Did you know? Westlake is a historical city dating all the way back to 1810! Several families arrived by oxcart to set up homesteads in Township 7, Range 15, from Connecticut. The Cahoon, Porter, Johnson, Root, and Crocker family established a home in Bay Village that later expanded to the city of Westlake. The pioneers cleared the township’s deep forests to plant crops and provide pasture for raising horses, cattle, and sheep.

Waterpower from area creeks ran sawmills and gristmills. The area that is now the intersection of Dover Center and Center Ridge Roads was the center of activity. Agriculture included the raising of grain, small fruit, and grapes.  At the end of the 19th century, the township was the second-largest shipping point for grapes in the United States.

Other families that migrated eventually to Westlake included the Cooley, Clemens, and Sperry, families. Many of today’s streets are named for these and other early settlers. After the Civil War, the township’s lakeshore continued to attract affluent Clevelanders for summer residences.

As time progressed, the completion of I-90 promoted growth by making Westlake much more accessible. Currently, the city has its school system and offers recreational facilities such as Clague Park and Crocker park and is now the home of the American Greetings Corporation!

The suburb of Westlake Ohio is rich in culture and history, and its beginnings established a city of prosperity today, that many call home. If you’re ready to call it home too, call The Reddy Group!