Have you heard? June is National Homeownership Month — A month where we celebrate all of the benefits of sustainable ownership! Homeownership still represents the American Dream, and it allows individuals to invest in their communities and build wealth.

Homeownership is also one of the American people’s greatest hopes to achieve, and nationwide, 1.3 million Realtors are helping them do just that!

Here are a few highlights in the housing industry that we can expect to continue throughout 2019:

  • “Green” Homes

Sure, green housing benefits the environment. But it’s also meaning lower utility costs, using an average of 12% less energy per home!

  • Factory-Built and Tiny Homes

Did you know Amazon will ship you a home for $20,000 (don’t worry, the shipping is free)? This is the future of factory-built homes, along with the still-trending “tiny” homes. These allow people to achieve their dreams of homeownership without breaking the bank.

  • New Land Alternatives

Space is getting harder and harder to come by – Especially in big metropolitan areas. So, people are building smaller homes on plots of land that already house their current home! These additional homes have been serving great use as “granny flats,” rentals, and “carriage” houses.