There’s no denying it now… Spring has sprung in Cleveland! These warmer temperatures we’ve been waiting for prove it.

That means it’s time to start thinking about spring cleaning! It’s always good to give your home’s interior a thorough scrub down… But this year, you may want to consider tackling your exterior too!

Take a look at the checklist below to begin planning!


  • Gutters: Get ready to get the gunk out of your gutters – Pull out all the leaves and debris. You can check for any leaks by running a hose on your roof.
  • Windows & Doors: Clean the outsides of your windows and check for any holes in your screen doors.
  • Siding: If your home has vinyl siding, give it a good power wash to prevent mold. If your home has any wood, check for areas that may need touched up with paint.
  • Decks & Porches: Every few years, your deck or porch may need to be re-stained. It’s also a good idea to check the sturdiness of railings to see if they need readjusting.
  • Landscaping: Weeding – Everyone’s favorite chore! Grab your garden gloves, pull the weeds, trim the plants, and choose some pops of color to add to your garden.
  • Foundations: Your foundation is important – Check flooring, concrete and walls for deterioration and cracks.
  • Roof: Give your roof a good once-over to make sure you don’t have any damaged or missing shingles.